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TikTok Marketing Experts to follow in 2021!

Who you should follow in 2021 to learn about TikTok marketing? (and not only!)


Without a doubt, 2020 was the year of TikTok! Not only Gen Z fell in love with this platform: the appreciation for short-form videos has now spread across all the generations and industries. No wonder, so many leading social networks followed the trend introducing their version of mini videos (YouTube’s Shorts, Instagram’s Reels and the most recent: Snapchat’s Spotlight).

They’re jam-packed with value, attention-keeping and entertaining – up to a minute long videos have all the qualities to boost one’s fame and sales, literally overnight (oh, yes!).

But with over 1B of monthly active users and 2.6B downloads worldwide so far, it may become quite difficult now to attract your desired audience right away. The competition is fierce! This is why it is so important so find reliable TikTok analytics tool to help you identify & produce the most appealing content!

Luckily, TikTok’s also popular among entrepreneurs and marketing experts who will help you in taking first steps on the platform and provide a set of awesome tips&tricks on how to grow your brand/image here. Bonus: most of them share their experience and knowledge for free! But even joining their paid courses may be a total game-changer for anyone.

Who are they? We’ve hand-picked 30 of the best marketing experts you should start to follow now on TikTok if you’re serious about the growth of your business in 2021!


tiktok tips tricks coach


2. Digital Pratik – 31 Year Old, Smiling, Personal Branding Practitioner

3. Jera Foster-Fell – YOUR TIKTOK BFF Content Tips Pose Tricks TikTok Tutorials

4. Jeff Couret[email protected] (TikTok tips, trend alerts and more!)


6. Rachel Pedersen – Marketing & Entrepreneurship Mom of 3, Wife, Part time vegan (The Queen of Social Media!)

7. Jackson Zaccaria – Tips to grow you + ur biz Course + 1 on 1 academy

8. Keenya Kelly – Top 15 TikTok Tips Freebie

9. Giselle Ugarte – Master of Marketing 🤓 Strategy & Motivation

10. Virginia Kerr – Video Coach Helping you attract clients with video


12. Sue Zimmermann – Former Radio Host Business Coach Bonus TikTok Secrets Course

13. Joshua MooreThe TikTok Coach TikTok Expert Tips & Tutorials Accelerate Your Growth!

14. Jesse Eckel – Follow For Business Tips

15. Wave Wyld – 👑Queen of Trend Alerts👑 Brand coach

16. Ali Mirza – Social Media Marketing & Business

17. Danielle Dean – photography and content creation tips

18. Austin Armstrong – SEO & Marketing Tips Links To Grow Your Business

19. Ibrahim Abudyak – IG & YouTube Entrepreneur & Business Coach

20. Amber Romero – Visual Content Creator Social Media Tips

21. Mike Reimneitz – CEO Of Helping YOU earn Online Learn Grow And Make Money

22. Julianne Taylor Style – BIZ Coach, Content Creator FREE BIZ TIPSLIVE M-10am EST Free TT tips

23. Shayla Terkalas – TikTok Coach

24. Jasmine Star – Your Go-To Guide: Business Growth Social Media Strategies Content Creation Tips

25. Gwen Lane – helps influencers grow & monetize 4000+ students FREE Tools & Tips

26. Analiese Ross – Social Media Marketing Agency ⭐️ Follow for Tips, Tricks & Tutorials ⭐️

27. Ginny Fears – Instagram tips for small businesses – FREE Hashtags guide

28. Joanne Mosellen – Business Coach & Marketing Strategist, content tips

29. Heather Cleverly – small biz tips send me questions to help you grow

30. Sasha Canady – Business & Marketing Tips FREE guides & tools to grow your biz


Performance overview, channels statistics, best videos an other substantial data about all of these creators’ profiles (& others) can be accesses after logging in into the ViralStat and importing the ready-made collection of  The Top 40 TikTok Marketing Creators

Enjoy & grow your business with the top industry experts!

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