Smart Folders

Organize personalised lists of videos and profiles in smart folders

Forget time consuming spreadsheets
and manual research!

Keep it simple, keep it smart in Smart Folders

Keep all your important data updated automatically in smart folders: creators or competitors you follow, your own lists with tracked videos&profiles.

1. Create smart folder

2. Add profiles/videos

3. Start monitoring

Key features

Adding videos and profiles

Quickly add by search, single URL or in bulk.

If you import profiles/videos, that are not yet in our database, we will automatically add them and track from now on.

Enable ‘auto import videos’ option if you want to automatically import all videos from added profiles into a smart folder.

Profiles – Videos list

Easy switch between profiles and videos. Sort and filter according to your needs.

Charts View –
Collection View

Chart View: list of profiles/videos as Top Charts, based on daily gains data.

Collection View: list of profiles/videos as collection, based on totals data. Statistics are shown as last tracked value.

Analyze and Compare

Analyze statistics, compare performance of profiles and videos.


Enjoy the convenience of having the ability to change every Smart Folder to a Campaign: compare all videos in campaign, invite your Client to see campaign’s performance, comment in real time, share your ideas with team members or check how many paid views were delivered against organic views.

Share folder

Generate link to smart folder and share your collections with others.

Mail reports

Get daily or weekly summary of smart folders right to your mailbox.

Power tracking

Enable tracking every 3 hours of all videos in the smart folder.

Create your own lists.
Done your way.

Updated automatically.

Your profiles and videos performance

Add all your profiles from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Check the progress of all of them along with the videos uploaded. Benchmark with others. All profiles and videos in just one dashboard.

Follow your competitors

Add all your competitors, monitor their profiles’ and videos’ performance. Discover well performing content, learn from their strategy and implement into your own. Avoid your competitors mistakes and apply only the most effective tactics.

Monitor industry/niche

Add any profile/video from monitored industry. Gather everything in one place, compare them with each other and have all the social media activity updated automatically. Check, which content performs better and worse, so you could avoid your competitors mistakes, and thus invest only in content, that will benefit your brand and will reach the most demanding audience.

Content inspirations. Learn how to make viral video!

Create smart folders of interesting videos/content creators to find inspirations for own productions. Give your audience most desired content by applying real-time marketing strategy to your current tactic.

Managing several social media profiles?

Collect them all in smart folder and get quick overview of their performance (and their video content).

Focusing on local market?

Add local competitors‘ profiles and start tracking their activity. Compare their strategy with yours and avoid their mistakes.

Running campaigns with the same video on few platforms?

Add all video links to smart folder and get quick overview of how they are performing. Compare results. Determine, which content and advertising strategy works best on particular social media platform.

Video campaign with series of videos?

Collect them all in smart folder & track progress cross-platform.

Clients’ profiles and videos.

All your clients profiles and videos in just one dashboard. See if the strategy applied works well. Benchmark with competitors.

Partnering with influencers?

Create smart folder with sponsored videos and get quick overview of how every video is performing (without waiting for post-buy reports).

Planning cooperation with new influencers?

Add all their social media profiles into smart folder. Keep track of their activity. Make sure, you’re not wasting time and money on partnership with individuals, who try to take advantage of you by artificially inflating their social media engagement.

Own top video and profile charts.

Create your own top charts of videos and profiles, updated every day. Check statistics within desired time-frame. See most/least popular, liked or engaging content within that list.

Videos/music clips spread over several channels?

Add all videos from various channels into one folder and follow their performance, automatically updated with new uploads.

Music labels

Create smart folder with your artist’s profiles (from YT, FB, IG). Have a quick overview about their activity and music releases performance.

Music charts

Make smart folders with any music genre of your interest. Monitor the hottest music clips.


Add followed content creators. Don’t loose time on watching low-quality content. Watch only most engaging stuff.

Industry reports

Research the market before meeting with potential client. Create smart folder with all competing brands in its industry and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Compare his performance with others and propose further development of video marketing strategy.

Create smart folder as you like.

Add any profiles and videos, track and analyze. Draw conclusions, learn form viral content.

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