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Monitor and compare the most accurate TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram performance of thousands of creators under one roof!

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monitor your competitors

Get most crucial updates of your
competitors progress. Effortlessly

Save hours on manual research


Monitor your own/your clients channels growth.

Compare the performance with your industry competition.

Identify the best performing content uploaded by monitored creators.

Measure the impact of Influencers you cooperate with.

Analyze progress of all artists you manage.

Create industry reports.

Make data-driven decisions where to improve your marketing strategy!

competitors monitoring

1. Create smart folder

2. Add profiles/videos

3. Start monitoring

Simplify your everyday workflow
with smart analytics at your fingertips

Create collections that matter to you. Updated automatically.

monitor all your industry competition

Adding videos and profiles
as simple as it gets


Simply copy from browser (or file) the URL address of selected item and paste into the designated filed. Single or in bulk.

Create as many folders as you like and get insights that will help you grow!

Don’t let anything important
go unnoticed


Analyze the progress of monitored profiles and videos.
Switch your list’s view and sort the results accordingly to your current requirements to learn most important changes.

Measure the exact impact of uploaded content!

monitor your progress
analyze your data

Analyze the data
from various angles


Chart View: this view shows how your monitored items have grown over time. Metrics values are the gained amounts at the specified time frame.

Collection View: this view shows all profiles, videos and posts collected in your folder. Metrics values here are given in totals acquired so far.

Identify most engaging topics!

Capture significant changes
on transparent charts


Compare the growth of monitored profiles and videos over the selected period of time.

Identify best practices of creators you follow!

monitor your statistics
cooperate with your team

Cooperate with your team


Enable campaign functionalities to any of your folders and invite your team and client to cooperate on valuable projects.

Address critical situations and share ideas in real-time!

Share folder

Generate link to smart folder and share your collections with others.

Mail reports

Receive the summary reports of smart folders right to your mailbox.

Power tracking

Get every 3 hours statistics updates on all videos in your folder.

No more guesswork

Grow your outreach and improve strategy by learning from
the best in your industry.

Measure your own growth

Collect all your YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram profiles in one folder and measure the exact progress of videos and posts you publish. Analyze what sort of content resonates best to your community, and what grabs low to none of its interest.

Monitor your competitors success

Discover best performing content of your industry competitors. Learn how they grow their outreach. Analyze all activity on their social profiles with in depth statistics insights – see which posts and videos are most appreciated by the audience you want to win over. Avoid your competitors mistakes and apply only the most effective tactics.

Monitor whole your industry

Stay ahead of your direct competition by monitoring the whole industry in one automated dashboard. Gather all the most successful creators profiles, local and global leaders of any niche, and watch how they build their authority. Pinpoint the most loved videos. See what your industry leaders post that engage your targeted audience and pinch the best ideas!

Impress your clients with detailed growth analysis

Create individual folders for each of your clients and monitor their ongoing progress. Compare the performance of each with one another and make data-driven decisions of where it needs tactic improvement. Keep track of most impactful updates with mail alerts delivered hassle-free right into your mailbox. Create reports for your clients, effortlessly.

Brainstorm with your team

Manage your clients campaigns along with your team, in one dashboard. Monitor the performance of promoted videos and address critical situations. Invite your client to insight the detailed campaign progress and provide a comprehensive report once it’s completed.

Monitor the exact impact of Influencers you already work with

Create a smart folder with sponsored videos published by creators on their social profiles and get a detailed comparison analysis of how they perform (without waiting for post-buy reports). Make sure your money is spent efficiently, and you partner with creators that make the real impact on your growth!

Research Influencers before the cooperation

Add all social media profiles of promising creators into a smart folder. Keep track of what they post and how it resonates to their audience. Make sure you’re not wasting time on a partnership with individuals, who try to take advantage of you by artificially inflating their social media engagement.

Compare the cross-platform performance of monitored videos

Collect all links of the promoted video campaign run simultaneously on different platforms. Identify where it performs best. Learn what kind of content engages the audience of any of these social platforms and apply into your future video creation. Give your viewers what they demand!

Control all of your managed artists progress

Create a smart folder with all of your artists profiles (from TikTok, YT, FB, IG). Have a quick overview of their activity on social media and new music releases performance. Capture most promising creators and watch how they influence your label growth!

Pitch to your client with data-supported facts

Research the market before meeting with the potential client. Create a smart folder with all competing brands of his industry and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Compare the exact performance of your client with others and propose further development of his video marketing strategy.

Create comprehensive self-updated industry reports

Gather all profiles of politicians, entrepreneurs, influential creators or artists from any country. Access the detailed and ongoing performance of each and resell ready-made industry reports. Create folders with anything you want to!

Find ideas for great content

Create smart folders containing the most exciting videos and your favorite creators to find inspirations for your productions. Give your audience the most desired content by applying a real-time marketing strategy to your current tactic.

Monitor whole video series

Make collections with whole video series and monitor their accurate performance separately. Identify which of the series ranks the best by quick folders merge. Learn what engages your audience!

Create lists of favorites

Create your top charts of videos and profiles you want to stay up to date with. Check statistics within the desired time-frame. Sort your list from most to the least popular and engaging to view the most appealing content your favorite creator posts. Don’t miss out on new material and watch recently uploaded videos pulled automatically into your collection.

Watch your content performance spread over several channels

Add all videos from various channels into one folder and follow their performance, automatically updated with new uploads.

Identify the hottest uploads

Make smart folders with any music genre of your interest. Create collections with your favorite video tutorials, workout routines, cooking channels, or whatever you want to have quick access to in one place. Don’t waste time browsing for the newest and most engaging uploads from creators you want to keep track of. Watch only quality content about topics important for you!

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