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How to measure your social success?

Do you use social media for marketing? You need to know how to measure your social success!


Hours of videos and tons of posts are uploaded to social media every minute! In such a crowded place, it’s often hard to track your own results, not to mention checking out your closest competitors!

Or is it now?

Do you spend a lot of time on your copy, record videos, cut scenes, polish everything all over up before the final upload, only then to see it go with the flow and hope for the best?

Or you actually do take a time to measure which of your works arouse the desired interest of your audience? Fantastic! But can you pinpoint the exact social platform that helps you build the greatest brand awareness? Where your efforts get rewarded the fastest? Where you get the highest engagement on your videos?

Do you know exactly which of the videos perform better than the others? So you know what to produce more and what less of?



This post is inspired by a discussion within one of ma favourite Facebook groups around social media marketing. It turns out that even with so many monitoring tools out there, many of us still use Excel to track the success of what we publish on different networks! This involves a lot of manual work: first to select the videos with the highest performance rates, gather their links in a worksheet, to only then identify trends over a period of time – the best of the last week, month, quarter, etc.

I’ll be honest: I’m not Excel’s biggest fan. It is great when you need to sort data in many different ways. However, first you need to gather information to play with, and the process of selecting, importing, and updating hits is what I dread the most! And, let’s face it: when it comes to social engagement metrics like views, likes or comments gained on your posts, your documentation will be out of date by the end of the day anyway. The struggle is real!

If there only be a way to automate that tedious process… Oh, wait! There is one!

Let’s head back to 2011 for a minute (yes, a blast from the past!).

As I said, I’m by no means a fan of any manual research. However, the decade back I worked for a social video advertising platform and that required browsing for the latest engagement scores across various social channels, where the promoted content was displayed. And it had to be done at least several times a day, every day for a single video, until the campaign end.

Now imagine the amount of work for dozen of such videos… or more!


social video analytics platform


This is how the solution for social video analytics, Viralstat, was born. We needed something that would not only browse for updates around monitored channels and videos, pick up all of the new uploads to those channels automatically but furthermore, allow any amount of such content to be sorted by the most crucial growth metrics gained in time. Whoa!

Pinpoint exactly what helps you grow and what is a waste of time and money!

So, now we’re back in 2021 and to all of you who still struggle to adjust their content strategy: worry no more! Here’s how you can finally forget the long hours of filtering out what resonates with your community and pinpoint the type of content that gets the most engagement. Now, instead of guessing what to focus on, you’ll have a clear and up-to-date picture of your social media performance.
And you’ll never miss out on the content that that has gained momentum after a while!


Measure your social success!

It takes about 3 quick steps to start to measure your social success – copy your social profiles’ URLs from browser, paste into the designed field and add to your brand new collection for an ongoing monitoring! Totally hands-free by the way 🙂

Here’s how it looks like:


social media analytics


Now, once it’s all set up & your videos are in (noticed? one-click import), you can perform research to filter out the most viewed/liked/commented (and so on) videos & posts within any time frame given (either items uploaded yesterday, last week, etc. or uploaded at any other time but most viewed during the chosen period – so this way you can notice older videos that still perform better than the others or only gained a momentum after a while!).

Create content your followers will love!

You can also identify what kind of content works better on different social platforms, and thus adjust your communication to various audience preferences! All from one dashboard.

Quit spending tedious hours on analyzing your social channels manually, picking videos data by hand only to see it go out of date by the end of the day!



Psst, you can do that with any other public channels too!

Learn more about this amazing feature that already save hundreds of hours monthly to our users: Smart Folders – what are they and why I need them in my life?


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